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Brokers Real Estate Group, Inc . is an organization that provides high-level expertise in Real Estate sales in Central Florida. It emphasizes initially on home sellers and home buyers, as well as in-house sales agents. Our customer service philosophy is distinctive and in a sense, Brokers Real Estate Group, Inc . has three diverse customer groups: Sellers , Buyers , and Associates .

Sellers of real property are our first customers. Property listings (Sellers) pay commissions from the sale of their property and are the immediate clients of the Real Estate brokerage. We will never elude our focus that clients who have recalled Brokers Real Estate Group, Inc ., to list and sell their properties are our first obligation.

Our second genuine customer is the buyer of residential real estate. We will provide superior personal attention and services to all of our buyers.

Our third valued customer is the licensed real estate sales associate . It is the associate’s job to represent Brokers Real Estate Group, Inc . professionally and provide competent service to both sellers and buyers. Therefore, it is the absolute responsibility of Brokers Real Estate Group, Inc ., to provide suitable training and furnish the latest business tools to our sales associates.

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As Brokers Real Estate Group, Inc . expands, it will recruit new associates and provide them with highly competitive commission earnings. Provide the associates with a support service that will allow for more productive time, allowing them to secure clients at a rapid rate and look for additional marketing techniques to offer clientele, serving the public in the high standards administered by the Florida Real Estate Commission.

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