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Moving Checklist


8 Weeks before the move. Week of:
If considering professional movers, call for estimates from three companies.
Call Chamber of Commerce in your new town for their residential information packet.
6 Weeks before the move. Week of:
Inventory your possessions besides furniture—kitchenware, decorative items, electronics, and apparel. Decide what to move, sell, replace, or donate to charity.
Complete and mail US Postal Service change of address forms to utilities, media subscriptions, membership organizations, and financial institutions.
If moving out of town, obtain copies of all medical, dental, accounting, legal, and veterinarian records.
If children are changing schools, arrange for transfer of educational records.
If moving out of town, make travel arrangements for moving day.
Contact your tax advisor to discuss potential tax deductions and liabilities related to your move.
If using professional movers, select the company and obtain itemized costs, including packing, loading, special charges, insurance, etc.
4 Weeks before the move. Week of:
Repair, send out for re-upholstery or clean furniture, drapes, and carpeting as needed.
Advertise a garage/yard/tag sale to dispose of unneeded possessions.
If hiring a professional moving company to pack, schedule with the company for packing to take place 1-2 days before the move.
Purchase adequate boxes, packing materials, and tape or request from professional movers.
Arrange for short-term or long-term storage if needed.
Make travel arrangements for pets, including necessary medical records, immunizations, medications, and so on.
3 Weeks before the move. Week of:
Gather packing materials in a central location.
Begin packing items you won’t need immediately or that will go into storage.
Contact utilities on both ends of the move to order termination or turn-on for occupancy date.
Confirm travel arrangements for family and pets.
2 Weeks before the move. Week of:
If you are moving vehicles out of town, prepare them for the trip. Check tires and have cars serviced.
Terminate newspaper and other delivery services.
If necessary, arrange and confirm new bank accounts and local services in your new neighborhood.
Schedule an appliance service firm to prepare major appliances for transport on moving day.
1 Week before the move. Week of:
Gather important papers, records, and valuables for protected shipment to new home or safe deposit box.
Notify friends and neighbors of new address and phone number if possible.
Arrange for young children to be cared for on moving day.
Obtain any prescription medications needed for the next few weeks.
! Week of the move. Week of:
Defrost refrigerator/freezer and give away all perishable food. Plan simple meals or take-out for moving day to avoid using the refrigerator.
Keep a box marked “Last Box Packed/First Box Unpacked” for tools, flashlights, first aid kit, and so on. On moving day, this should be the last box placed on the truck.
Pack items to carry with you. Valuables, financial records, personal papers, signed bill of lading, and inventory from the movers.
Give the movers a telephone number and address to reach you.