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Selling Tips

Maintain A Close Relationship With the Sales Agent…


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A Real Estate agent is with no doubt the go to partner in a very demanding market. The experience of dealing with today’s real estate market in Central Florida, introduces a variety of choices and more negotiating power. The buyers are more selective, and less people as a whole are looking to purchase.

As well as the recurring approach of improving the home’s attractiveness, staging, and organizing, here are some effective tips that sellers and their sales agent can find valuable through the successful sale of a home.

Open Communication is Key…

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In a business-based relationship, it is significant that the seller rests full confidence in his sales agent. A seller-agent liaison must involve and be based upon open communication and ample trust. In addition, assumptions should not be made and prior to engaging in a Real Estate service agreement, both seller and broker need to be on the same page.

In Real Estate, the scope of “Full Service” is very wide, so make sure that the established services are clearly spelled out. In most cases, full-service agreements consist of a competitive market analysis, enhancement suggestions to the home’s charm, and a comprehensive marketing plan.


The Price Should Make the Listing Unique…

Working in a market where buyers have the benefit of being selective, setting a reasonable price is fundamental. The seller must acknowledge the most recently closed deal in the market area, instead of concentrating on a neighbor’s sales price. Establishing a price at or lower than similar sales, makes the listing more desirable and likely to sell much quicker. The idea is to make more money, rather than having the house listed for a prolonged period of time and at the end, lowering the listing price is what will trigger the sale. Offering incentives is another creative tool for real estate sales. Buyers are more driven to select a home when a home warranty is included in the sale or even proposing to cover part or all of the buyers closing costs.


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Lengthen the Market Extent…

A substantial marketing component in today’s marketplace is to spread and expand the ranges as far as imaginable. Today’s technology makes it possible to reach and advertise beyond the local market. Take advantage of the online forums to place a listing for sale, where potential homebuyers are able to remotely search and browse. Expose the listing to buyers experiencing transitional life changes such as relocations. Again, maintain communication with the sales agent and discuss the decisions of pitching in some marketing time, as this will prevent covering similar territory or crossing wires.


Avoid Impulsively Replacing Real Estate Agents…

The minimum listing agreement duration is 120 days. If during this time, the listing has not sold, it simply means that the timeline was too short.

A real estate professional needs sufficient time to carry out a marketing plan, and the listed property needs the right amount of time exposure. If the agent of choice is working diligently and exercising all possible ways to sell the home, it is recommended to stick to that agent instead of finding a substitute. When a new sales sign is displayed in front of a property, the most common and initial reaction consumers driving by ask themselves is: What is wrong with that house? and not, What is wrong with that sales agent?