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Land Acquisition

Brokers Real Estate Group, Inc. will save you time and money when acquiring Real Estate land throughout Florida. With full and rapid access to land property information, statistics, and records, Brokers Real Estate Group, Inc. will offer a variety of Real Estate Land selections such as country homes, residential estates, waterfront and recreational properties, business properties, Industrial/Commercial properties, and much more. Furthermore, Brokers Real Estate Group, Inc. offers superior services to investors looking to purchase rural properties such as farms, acreage, ranches, lakefront properties, and many other types of land Real Estate for sale to develop into a thriving residential or commercial subdivision. Please contact one of our agents for full details at 407.770.1464. From vacant land to full site development Brokers Real Estate Group, Inc. can guide you every step of the way.

B.R.E.G can help you acquire:

  • Farmland
  • Horse Ranches
  • Weekend Retreats
  • Pet Farms
  • Lake Front Lots
  • Ocean Front Lots
  • Single Family Home lots
  • Duplex Lots
  • Self Storage sites
  • RV Parks
  • From Half acre 1/2 to thousands of acres
  • Multifamily Raw Land Purchases and Development
  • Commercial & Industrial Land Acquisitions
  • Office or Retail Land Acquisitions
  • Raw Land for Ground Leases

We also assist you with:

  • Land Permitting
  • Land Planning
  • Rezoning
  • Land Mitigation Process
  • Architectural Designs
  • Engineering Designs
  • Project Development or Project Management

Call us at 407.770.14640 for more information. Our team of Land Experts have assisted Famers, Ranchers, Builders and Retirees successfully achieve acquisitions of various Residential, Commercial and Weekend Retreats of vacant land properties throughout Florida.

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